Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Henry Badowski

Henry Badowski is a multi- instrumentalist, who made just one album and a handful of singles before slipping out of view in 1981. Up to that point he'd played drums, bass or keyboards with a number of punk-related bands such as The Good Missionaries, Chelsea and (the briefly re-named Damned) The Doomed.

Over 30 years later, I can still recall my initial reaction when I first heard this terrific song. I was momentarily convinced that Syd Barrett had made a miraculous recovery and was making records again. Even now I can appreciate why my imagination made that brief, optimistic leap.

'My Face' is a great 'lost' single if ever there was one and is probably the song that has featured on more of my own mixtapes/minidiscs/CDRs over the years than any other in my collection.

Talking of Syd - it was six years ago last week that he passed away. He was a man who made an indelible mark on my listening habits and musical taste, even though his recording career was over before I bought my first record - here's a reminder why.


The Swede said...

Here's a comment from Singing Bear - which I managed to delete by mistake! Sorry 'bout that, I shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard in the morning until I've had coffee!

'I've not heard the Henry Badowski track before but it is of great interest as I was quite a fan of The Good Missionaries. Very different from what they were up to. It certainly has a fine period feel which takes me back to baggy v-neck jumpers, ragged drain-pipe jeans, some carefully placed band badges and daps (plimsolls). Good times. Good track.

Nice Syd tribute. How time flies. Love the man.'

The Swede said...

Thank you SB and sorry once again for the cock-up!

I'm off to brew up!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Track new to me and yes it is of these ones that of course means so much more to you...going to try and find the album now...Syd another of rocks great tragedies...Just bought a new coffee machine!

The Swede said...

I suppose we all have our own lists of 'great lost tracks'.....I sense another feature coming on!

How's the coffee OPC?

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