Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chris Bathgate

Sometimes, the first tune you hear by an artist sets you up for an ongoing voyage of discovery through their work and other times, nothing quite matches up to that very first tune. For me, with Chris Bathgate, it's a bit of both.

I picked up Chris Bathgate's 'A Cork Tale Wake' LP in 2007 after hearing 'The Last Wine of Winter', a thing of elusive beauty. The rest of the album contains some truly great music, as do the three others I've also since acquired, but such is the majesty of this one song, I find myself, rightly or wrongly, comparing everything else he does to it.


Singing Bear said...

Haunting. Really like that trumpet that hangs back in the mix. Not heard any of his stuff before. Thanks for the intro.

Old Pa's Corner said...

This is new to me but I really enjoyed it...will seek out some more...Many thanks for this intro!

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