Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jason Molina R.I.P.

I'm immeasurably saddened to learn that Jason Molina passed away on Saturday, at the age of just 39. I was lucky enough to see him in concert on two occasions, in 2005, with a full band, in a bustling, chattering New York club and then again three years later, completely alone on the stage of a small Arts Centre in Norfolk, where his naked, haunting songs held the audience in a state of silent reverence, barely able to breath lest we missed a syllable.

The sheer volume of music he left us is huge, from the intense burn of the Songs: Ohia LP's (amazingly all completed whilst in his 20's) to the more 'conventional' rock configuration of his last band Magnolia Electric Company, not to mention the many collaborations, one-offs and split 7" singles that litter his discography. It is, to quote from a piece on Spinner, 'a startling body of work for a musician who crossed the road far too soon'. Here are just a couple of examples.


Singing Bear said...

RIP, Mr. Molina. I don't have much of his music here but he really was a talent.

Old Pa's Corner said...

So youg, so sad and a couple of fabulous tracks

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