Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Smoking Popes

Here's something to blow away the cobwebs after a long Bank Holiday weekend. Ever wondered what The Ramones might've sounded like if they'd been fronted by Morrissey? Smoking Popes provide the answer with their 1995 belter, 'Need You Around'.


Anonymous said...

New one on me. Great name and you're spot on with the Morrissey comparison. Not at all bad.

The Swede said...

Their first couple of albums are well recommended slabs of (for want of a better term) power pop. Also worth digging out the b-side of 'Need You Around', a similarly paced treatment of Willie Nelson's 'Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground'.

Old Pa's Corner said...

As SB says you are on the money with the Morrisey Ramones reference. Top track!

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