Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lightning Strikes #4 - The Jerks

We're in the home stretch now - here's the 4th of a random five singles selected from my record collection, bearing the Lightning Records imprint. Today's featured band are The Jerks from Leeds, with their sole Lightning 7" and one of only three singles released in their career. If you own a compilation album of second division punk bands, you may well find that it includes The Jerks' debut 45 and best known song, 'Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me', which appeared on Underground Records in 1977. A year later, and now relocated to our featured label, the band unleashed their follow-up, the altogether more interesting 'Cool'.

I should declare a personal interest at this point, in that I was briefly in and around the Leeds scene during this period, becoming friendly with local bands The Squares, The Straits (no, not them) and The Jerks themselves. I spent many happy hours rolling around Yorkshire in the back of orange 'Salford Van Hire' vehicles, choking in the exhaust fumes, while trying not to become buried under guitars, amps and drums everytime we swung round a bend. Good times.

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Old Pa's Corner said...

This is great stuff and another good punk name....come on Mr S there must be some great stories to tell around this period....get reminicing

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