Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday Scratch #31 - Hold the Front Page!

There we were, Dad and I, wandering around a school fete in Leytonstone, 44 years ago this month, when I spotted the Hackney Speedway stall tucked away in the corner of the playground. It was a tanner a go to sit on a bike and pretend for a moment to be a speedway rider. I joined the queue and waited my turn. A few minutes later as I sat in the saddle, oblivious to the hubbub around me, twisting the throttle and dreaming my dreams, a shutter clicked and, before I knew it, I was on the front page of the local newspaper. What can I say? It was a slow news week.

Here's Lee Perry's 1973 DJ cut of Leo Graham's 'News Flash', retitled 'Station Underground News' and notable for the use of a primitive sampling technique in the mix.


Singing Bear said...

Yep, that's certainly primitive sampling. Those were the days! Nice use of the Chi-Lites. Great tune form Mr. Perry. Looks like you were ready to join the junior Hell's Angels in those days.

C said...

That's a brilliant pic and great that you kept it - obviously it was your winning smile which caught the photographer's eye.
Nice also to see Dick Heckstall Smith from the Graham Bond Organisation standing behind you too :-)

Old Pa's Corner said...

Splashin and dashin great pic and good you still got it too

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