Friday, 28 March 2014

Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner was an interesting character, a star of the Grand Olé Opry, but unafraid to explore the darker side of life and keen on a bit of dressing up. 'The Rubber Room', a fabulous compilation from 2006, pulls together the bleaker and stranger strands of his long recording career. For bleak try this duet with Dolly Parton (here). And strange? Well you asked for it.


Singing Bear said...

Old Porter really was quite a fellow, wasn't he? That duet with Dolly really should be banned because a soul can only take so much bleakness. Make's Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' sound like a hoot. As for 'Rubber Room' - pure genius. Must get hold of that compilation. Truly was a snazzy dresser.

C said...

I'd seen pics but never listened to him - now I love him (well, this anyway)! Sounds like a country Scott Walker to my unfamiliar ears.

SB - appreciate your use of 'snazzy', the campaign for its return to everyday use continues. I'd like to add that he's also looking very swish.

Old Pa's Corner said...

OH! man that is so Country...I did not see that coming in the Party i thought they were off to 'Swingers Party'....I am a bit of a country fan in the quiet and like SB I think I will hunt down that Porter one,,,,by thye way i managed to get the Wilko track.....I have several others by him...will send if you want

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