Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Lost on the Hard Drive #2 - Clear Spot

There are many good things about the easy access to music that we enjoy today. I want it. I got it. Quick as that. I can order a physical album without leaving my keypad, I can stream entire catalogues in any number of ways, or I can purchase and download individual tunes or complete recorded works in seconds. The problem with the latter comes when a stray tune hits the hard drive, is played and enjoyed for a while, before being lost in an anonymous folder on my computer. Which happens a lot. 
In this occasional series I'll be scouring my D and G drives, unearthing half-forgotten gems along the way. 

Clear Spot were a short-lived trio comprising drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig from My Bloody Valentine, guitarist Simon Johns of Stereolab and future Heliocentrics member, Mike Burnham, on keyboards. Their recorded output comprises just one 7" single, 'Moonman Bop', issued in 1998 on Stereolab's Duophonic label. My original copy, possibly on blue vinyl, is buried deep in a box somewhere in this house, but luckily I had the good sense to download an MP3 rip of this instrumental nugget, when it turned up on a blog a few years ago.


Singing Bear said...

Very groovy indeed. One trick they missed, though: as I was listening I had another page up featuring (ahem) David Icke (don't ask). As the band drew towards a beautiful close old Dave's voice butted in with 'I will decide my own reality!'. It really worked a treat.

The Swede said...

I feel a DJ Icke remix coming on.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Well I am completely MP3 Stream etc.
I will only buy a CD if I can'ot find any other way. I do miss the old way and the excitement of buying 1 or 2 LPs or Cds and rushing home to play most Albums are just skimmed and only a few tracks make the play list as there is just too much choice and as you say it is all available....I don'y even bother downloading because I subscribe to Spotify....sad really...somthing has been lost along the way.

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