Friday, 23 January 2015

Edgar Froese R.I.P.

As my musical tastes broadened beyond pure glam, or glam influenced rock, throughout 1973/74, I began to realise that my modest Fidelty mono record player just wasn't getting the most out of my newly acquired progressive, experimental and electronic LPs. Fortunately my best mate, George, had a stereo, a real one, not just a radiogram that happened to have twin mono speakers. George's stereo had two speakers, hung high on either side of his parents' living room wall.

When either of us purchased a new LP, we quickly got into the habit of retiring to his house, removing the speakers from their lofty position and placing them faced towards each other on the floor, about 12" apart. We'd then take it in turns to lay on the floor between them to gain the maximum stereo impact we could, from records like 'No Pussyfooting' by Fripp & Eno, 'Trilogy' by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 'Blackdance' by Klaus Schulze, 'Moving Waves' by Focus and anything by Edgar Froese solo, or with Tangerine Dream. I don't know why George's parents didn't him buy a pair of headphones, but those were great days and every new record was a voyage of musical discovery.

I was very sad to read that Edgar Froese, a big favourite of both George and I, died on Tuesday, aged 70. These days I'm a bit long in the tooth for stretching out on the floor to listen to a record, but for the next 9 and a bit minutes, in my head at least, I'm 14 years old again and back there on George's front room carpet between the speakers, digging the music. RIP Edgar.


Erik Bartlam said...

I used to have this old Fischer amp...5 gillion watts and these huge Lafayette speakers. There were two things that greatly enhanced the listening experience. One was to form a kind of open triangle with the speakers by placing them on their side and pushing the tops together...I'd lay down with my head inside the triangle.
I don't think I had ever truly understood, even with headphones, just how brilliant a record Wowee Zowee was until lay down on the floor to listen.


Anonymous said...

Edgar is a true hero of pioneering, truly progressive music. As you may have guessed, I'm a big fan but I wasn't ware that he had died. Very saddened.

Love your tale of shared listening experiences with your mate. They echo mine almost exactly. How much meant so much to us then - still does - and i can't believe there are too many teenagers these days who can have that same obsession.

RIP, Edgar.

The Swede said...

For 40 years I thought that George and I must've been uniquely odd in the way we enjoyed our new musical discoveries - and now I find out everyone was at it!

Walter said...

I had to find out from your post that Edgar has passed away the last Tuesday unexpectedly. The last what I knew about him, was that he just two years ago a heavy car accident had and long has been in a coma. I love the music he made and was sadly touched by this news.
RIP, Edgar

george said...

Toptastic prog. It took me many many years, even decades, to finally appreciate this. But there are still a few bands who are totally beyond the pale. So no Gentle Giant, ever, please.

The Swede said...

Walter. Sorry to be the bearer of such sad news. I didn't know about the car accident, but that might explain his apparent facial disfigurement in recent photos.

George. Stuart Maconie bangs on about Gentle Giant given half a chance and I am weakening - no posts planned though!

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