Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday Scratch #10

Perhaps it's an example of where I went wrong, business-wise, with my record shop, but one day over the Christmas period in 1997 instead of playing a current chart album like 'Butterfly' by Mariah Carey or 'Falling Into You' by Celine Dion as my competitors no doubt were, I was giving some in-store airtime to the recently released 'Tibetan Freedom Concert' triple CD.

About a third of the way through the second disc, a customer wandered over and enquired who the singer of the current song was. I told him that it was the great Lee Perry performing 'Heads of Government' and asked him what he thought of it. 'I've never heard anyone sound so totally exasperated and pissed off in my life' he said!

He was right of course. Scratch screams and rants his way though an utterly compelling performance like a man possessed. It's a tune I still reach for to this day, everytime some jumped up nincompoop in power says or does something ridiculous - so it's on pretty heavy rotation here at chez Swede as you can imagine.

Enjoy your weekend and, to quote Scratch, 'Don't let anyone rule your mind.'

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flycasual said...

That's good, ah here comes a customer..... 'Never heard somebody so pissed off in my entire life'...Old Man Perry's ramblings would take extra importance after that comment. I vaguely remember this album weren't the Beastie Boys on it too?

John Medd said...

It's probably the same reason why you never hear Ken Bruce playing him.

Anonymous said...

Utterly wonderful. Not heard this before but I love it already.

C said...

Love it. Yes - he does sound SO pissed off, and it's fabulous!

Old Pa's Corner said...

What a fabulous track from a fabulous triple album...I for one would have come to your was always my dream to have a shop...much in the vain of 'High Fidelity' i suppose, but economiclly not really viable now a days....but good for you for at least living the dream.

The Swede said...

flycasual, the concerts were originally put together by The Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch in particular, and ran for a number of years. I think this was the only officially released album though.

Thanks for listening all. I wish Scratch had been this animated - pissed off even! - when I saw him live a few years ago.

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