Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday Scratch #9

From slap bang in the middle of the 1970s comes Bunny Clarke, aka Bunny Rugs, soon to become lead vocalist with Third World, but here in a solo stylee with the follow up single to his cover of 'To Love Somebody', which, confusingly, he recorded as Bunny Scott.....I hope you're taking notes, there'll be a test later.

The tune in question is 'Move Out of My Way', a militant little groover that didn't trouble the chart compilers of the day to any great extent. What it did do, however, was spawn an oddly disturbing version, released under the title 'Kojak', by Lee Perry on the 'Revolution Dub' LP later the same year. Despite occasionally sounding as if he's watching the telly as he works, Scratch retains just enough of Clarke's vocal to inject a disorientating stab into an otherwise eerily stripped back rhythm track. I've always found it strangely unsettling, but perhaps it's just me.

Enjoy your weekend and please don't make any sudden loud noises - I'm spooked enough already.

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Old Pa's Corner said...

That Bunny track screams for the base to be turned up high....reminds me of being at a Burning Spear concert and before he came on they were playing a fabulous selection of yer roots stuff....the base was so loud that I am sure my ears started to bleed....fookin' great...prefer the first one but both nice

The Swede said...

I've been to a few gigs like that. There's nothing quite like the feeling of your rib-cage vibrating in time with the drum & bass line. I've got tinnitus now though, so I'm paying the price!

Anonymous said...

The dub version is wonderfully twisted. I think Lee had been drawing hard on the old spliffs that day. Yes, the life affirming experience of the ultra loud bass sound. Too right.

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