Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturday Scratch #16

Watty Burnett was essentially a session vocalist for Lee Perry in the 1970s, on standby for whenever a Scratch production required a baritone harmony in the mix. This was exactly how he came to appear so prominently on one of the very greatest albums produced by the Black Ark, 'Heart of the Congos'. Indeed, Burnett's voice became so fundamental to The Congos' sound that by the time of the album's release he was a fully fledged member of the band.

In 1977, immediately prior to his adventures with The Congos, Scratch produced a solo single for Burnett, a cover of Brook Benton's 'Rainy Night in Georgia', re-titled 'Rainy Night in Portland'. Remarkably, the masterful 'Open the Gate' was originally hidden away on the flipside of that tune, only gaining a full issue in its own right in 1980.

After many years of providing backing vocals for such heavyweights as Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley and participating in a number of Congos reunions, Watty Burnett finally released his debut solo album 'To Hell and Back' in 2002.

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Anonymous said...

Really great. Where else is that rhythm track used? I know I've encountered it a few times but can't place it right now. As for The Congos, they made one od the best albums of all time.

The Swede said...

I've not been able to turn up any variants of this rhythm SB, so if you can recollect any, I'd be very interested to check 'em out.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Hard to believe this was a B side...Congos rule!

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