Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Metal Urbain

The current playlist on the sidebar over at Grown Up Backwards has a French theme - and a damn fine listen it is too. To compliment those tunes, here is Metal Urbain, a French group of a slightly noisier persuasion, who formed in 1976 and were gone by 1980, leaving three virtually perfect punk singles and a compilation LP of sessions, demos and b-sides behind them. The band were notable at the time for using a primitive drum machine and sundry experimental electronic noises to embellish their glorious racket.

Here are those three great singles - 'Panik', 'Paris Maquis' (the first ever release on the Rough Trade label, trivia fans) and 'Hystérie Connective'.


Erik Bartlam said...

If it weren't for the French (which I find terribly distracting) panik would already be in the running for my all time favorite song. Ha...after the "solo" I almost stood up and saluted.

I love this...even with the French.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I had entirely lost this band from my memory banks. Erik is right about the 'solo' in 'Panik' - just superb. I like how they got in really early with the whole replace the drummer with a machine thing and it makes it even funnier because they still felt the need to put it all on a drum riser at the back! When I listened to to the last one, for some reason, it began playing twice, slightly out of sync - try it, it's extra bizarre! What blog posts are for and thanks for the nod.

The Swede said...

John Peel played 'Paris Maquis', which I consequently bought immediately, then I bumped into the other two singles over the next couple of years and picked them up as I went along. It was only years later that I discovered that these were the only singles released by the band. For all I knew at the time, they might have had a massive back catalogue available n their native land. There was a lot of guess work, detective work and luck required in those pre-internet days.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Oh Boy I enjoyed that! that lead singer is great, I had a smile all the way through the 3 going to get this...great intro!

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