Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Nick Drake - 40 Years Gone

I stumbled upon Nick Drake's music in 1980, during my early days of working behind the counter of a record shop, via the 'Fruit Tree' box set. At the time I knew next to nothing about him or his music, but can remember being quite shaken by the cold bleakness of 'Black Eyed Dog', one of four hitherto unreleased songs in that original set.

Nick's short life ended 40 years ago today. It's remarkable to think that he'd only be 66 if he was still with us. This is my favourite Nick Drake song, originally released as part of the re-issued 'Fruit Tree' set in 1986.


Anonymous said...

Forty years. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and at other times like he was never here at all. It's amazing how he's become such a legend now when hardly anyone was listening at the time. I wasn't listening then. Beautiful song, of course.

The Swede said...

His importance seems to grow with each passing year doesn't it? '...like he was never here at all'. Perhaps that's why his music seems so timeless.

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