Tuesday 31 July 2012


It's Mrs Swede's Birthday on Thursday, an event that will see us head off to a quiet bit of the coast for a couple of days of walking and eating, but before that, later today in fact, the New York branch of the family arrive at Swede Towers for a short visit.

Before family matters take me away though, I wanted to share this tune from the new Beak album, '>>'. Beak is a side project of Geoff Barrow from Portishead, a band that certainly allows plenty of time for side projects. I played their 2009 debut (you guessed it, '>') a lot at the time, but the new release, which I've been exploring over the past few days, seems a step up both in quality and cohesiveness.

'Wulfstan II' is a beefed up re-working of a tune from '>' and is a big nod in the direction of Neu! and 'Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun' by Pink Floyd. See what you think.


Anonymous said...

Right up my street. Certainly very 'Set The Controls'. Will have to get hold of some Beak and I'd imagine they'll have time for at least another seven or eight albums before Portishead ever wake up again.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Well happy birthday Mrs Swede...was out last night with my half...it was her birthday too.....be careful of these Leo s. I say.
Interesting one....I say too!

C said...

Happy birthday to Mrs Swede - and hope you both enjoy some quiet time out.

The Swede said...

Thanks all.

Back to work, back to reality!

flycasual said...

Big Portishead fan here and have been catching up on Geoff Barrows work. He's an excellent beat maker, check out his indie rap project Quakers....This good stuff too.

The Swede said...

Thanks for the tip flycasual.

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