Tuesday 30 April 2013

Walking the Blues

Early last year, while looking for a way to increase my exercise and also see a bit more of the countryside, I realised that I could, if I wished, pick up the train, travel one stop, then walk the ten miles back home along the river that flows a few hundred yards from our back door. With a packed lunch and a flask of coffee it would be the perfect jaunt. I began taking longer local walks to build myself up for the task. Then I had my thunderclap headache incident, which knocked me sideways for a while. A little later I did something nasty to a ligament in my knee and suddenly the year was gone.

This year I've been thoroughly enjoying discovering new routes along the lanes, bridleways and public right of ways that criss-cross the countryside around our village and once again I've been steadily building myself up for that scenic ten mile riverside walk home. Ten days ago the inevitable happened. The day after my birthday we went out for another pre-lunch circular walk in an area we had high hopes for, but actually turned out a bit of a disappointment in terms of location and scenery. Also, after about a mile, I managed to twist my ankle, something I did with painless regularity as a kid. Unfortunately, the additional years on the clock and pounds round the waist ensured that this time it was anything but painless and it made an odd grinding, cracking noise when it happened, just to hammer home the point. In spite of the discomfort, the ankle didn't swell immediately, but a couple of days later it really puffed up and has been swollen and painful ever since. It's only a sprain, so it's not the end of the world, just a bit frustrating, but once again my very modest perambulation plans are, for the time being, on hold.

Here's an appropriately titled tune by the extraordinary Willie Dixon.


C said...

Ouch - that does sound nasty. I hope it heals really soon and you can have a long summer of pain-free, accident-free (and headache-free) country walks.

Meanwhile... well, you'll just have to swim those ten miles back down the river ;-)

The Swede said...

Thanks C. I was accident prone as a child, so I guess I must be regressing!

I trust you're recuperating well from your own painful sounding injury of a few weeks back?

C said...

So maybe it's just a sign of your eternal youthfulness really?!

(Thanks, yes I'm fine now. Took about a month for the pain to finally go completely but I can now laugh/sneeze/cough again without it hurting!)

Old Pa's Corner said...

You poor lad Mr S. I would go stir crazy if I could not get out and about. I was over in UK for a couple of weeks and did not manage to get out for my usual 45 min walk in the country side...I had to go to a large Tesco to get some excercise. I love the UK but I hate the weather.
I still have plans to do a half and full marathon....well you have to dream! Good choice from Mr D.

The Swede said...

Old Pa, you were here a couple of weeks too early, the weather now is perfect for getting out & about. Hope you had a good stay though and found time for a couple of shandies? Good luck with the marathon dream. The only marathon I ever dream about is now called Snickers.

John Medd said...

Panic thee not; soon you'll be Walkin'.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, my friend. The ankle will soon heal and you'll be out and about on those country lanes again. Walking is truly wonderful when you have 'no particular place to go', isn't it? I have the hound to accompany me on my local rambles, which helps, too.
Fab tune, of course.

flycasual said...

Love this tune! "My mother in law, she's always home"! I did my back in for no apparent reason and it hammers home the importance of being mobile....something you should never take for granted. I was only doing the dishes too.

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