Saturday 25 May 2013

Version City #11 - Mark Lanegan sings Gene Clark

A tweet from the venerable Sid Griffin, reminds me that May 24th 2013 was not only the 72nd birthday of Bob Dylan, but also the 22nd anniversary of Gene Clark's death. In his tweet, Sid also mentions 'Some Misunderstanding', a sublime song from Gene's masterpiece, 1974's 'No Other', which in turn got me thinking about a terrific interpretation of that song by Soulsavers, fronted by Mark Lanegan. Soulsavers have released four long-players to date, two of which feature Lanegan extensively - 2007's 'It's Not How Far You Fall, It's the Way You Land' and 2009's 'Broken', from where this version is taken.


Old Pa's Corner said...

Nice version from that fabulous album

Anonymous said...

That is a mighty, mighty fine version of Gene's beautiful original. Must get to hear some more Soulsavers. Is all their stuff that good?

The Swede said...

Old Pa. Glad you enjoyed.

SB. I don't know the first Soulsavers LP and the latest features Dave Gahan on vocals, who I'm not mad keen on, so I've not checked it out, but I'd unreservedly recommend the two albums I mentioned - they're Mark Lanegan albums in all but name. For a further sample here's the fantastic opener on 'It's Not How Far You Fall..'

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