Saturday 7 September 2013

H. Hawkline

I doff my titfer in gratitude to James Dean Bradfield for drawing my attention to the music of H. Hawkline, when he sat in for Stuart Maconie on 6Music recently. Oh my word it's good stuff. Mr Hawkline (Huw Evans to his friends) is a Welsh songwriter who also works with Cate Le Bon and Sweet Baboo and I urge, nay implore, you to go here to check out his slim, but exquisite back catalogue. Fans of artists such as Kevin Ayers and Gruff Rhys should definitely form an orderly queue.

Meanwhile, enjoy 'Ghouls' from his current EP, which can be sampled in its entirety here.


Old Pa's Corner said...

Interesting track and cheeky has wetted my appetite to go and seek some more

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've missed this geezer. He sounds like he could have more in his armoury in the future. Yep, I can hear Gruff Rhys in there. Bradfield recommended this? Judging by the Manics' last few efforts, I'm surprised he's still listening to music.

The Swede said...

OP. It's well worth the time & effort Old Pa. I've listened to little else for the past few days.

SB. After further research, I believe Mr Rhys may have lent his production skills to a couple of tunes, but his stuff ranges from acoustic whimsy to psychedelic inspired oddness. It's marvelous - can you tell I'm a fan?

(JDB's programme was very, very good - I jotted down a number of artists that were new to me to check out. Plus he played an interesting selection of 'oldies' - Wire, Roy Buchanan, Popol Vuh. He's clearly still a massive music fan.)

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