Tuesday 24 December 2013

T'was the Night Before Christmas...1963

Christmas Eve, the one night of the year that my parents didn't have to cajole, persuade or shout at me to go to bed. Newly purchased comic in hand, I'd head up the wooden hills to bedfordshire as early as I could get away with. The plan was to read myself to sleep in the quickest possible time. The sooner I fell asleep, the sooner it'd be time to wake up and open the pressies that had, by then, mysteriously arrived at the foot of my bed - this was usually around 5am, if not earlier. Here's one such Christmas, 50 years ago.......

Me. Right, I'm off to bed. 
Mum. What now? You've only just had your tea.... 
Me. (Yawn...) I know, but I'm done in....nighty night!

 (A few hours later) 
 Me. Hmmm. This is a good haul; games, chocolate, a yacht...one new slipper apparently, but where's that special present I asked Santa for? 

Me. Ah, there's the other slipper and.....yesssss! Boxing gloves, just as requested! I wonder if I can wear these when I start school next year? 

I'll leave you with the mighty Long Ryders, performing under the guise of The Spinning Wighats and musing on 'Christmas in New Zealand'. Stay tuned until the end to catch what Sid Griffin wanted for Christmas in 1986.

A happy, peaceful Christmas to you and yours, from all at Swede Towers.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful snaps, sir. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Bright Ambassador said...

My preferred Christmas Eve readings were old Blue Peter annuals. It'd take me aaaages to get to sleep because I could always hear laughter coming from downstairs and wanted to be with them all joining in the fun. I was the youngest, you see.

Merry Christmas.

C said...

Aww! Fabulous photos. You look like a right little cheeky monkey!
A very happy Christmas to you and yours and I look forward to next year's posts.

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