Thursday 24 April 2014


Out of Boston (Massachusetts, not Lincolnshire) come, the perfectly named, Quilt, with album number two, 'Held In Splendour', a fine amalgam of folkish psych-pop grooves and lightly sprinkled prog-inspired noodlings.

Quilt recently completed their first European tour and are currently on the road in the States with Woods. They return to our shores in a couple of weeks to support the mighty War on Drugs.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Cool harmonies and a breezy kind of 'West Coast' feel from the East Coast. I'll keep an eye out for more. Quilt *is* a good name. There used to be a band from Brighton called Blanket. I wonder where they are now?

Old Pa's Corner said...

I liked that, nice...with a name like that I thought they were a Covers Band...stop it!

Got tickets today for Latitude a present from Old Ma for my 65th...I am pretty first are never too young!

The Swede said...

Ah Old Pa, you got in before me! Good news about Latitude - Happy Birthday!

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