Monday 2 June 2014

Pete Fij and Terry Bickers

Just recently, I've been greatly enjoying the melancholy beauty of 'Out of Time', a new single by indie veterans Pete Fij, formerly of Adorable, and Terry Bickers, from The House of Love and Levitation. Clicking around the ol' interweb a few hours ago, I noticed that the duo are among the forthcoming attractions at a really tiny venue, not a million miles away, so I took a moment to check out more of their material - and blow me down if each successive tune wasn't better than the last. The videos are just fantastic too. I immediately headed back to the venue's webpage and bagged myself a ticket.

Pete Fij and Terry Bickers' debut LP, the brilliantly titled 'Broken Heart Surgery', is released on July 7th.


Anonymous said...

All three songs are very good, aren't they? I particularly like 'Betty Ford'. Not heard of Pete Fij before. Lazy comparisons? Low, Richard Hawley and The Kinks? This is a good thing.

Gillespie said...

It's a great album. Brilliant songs from an extremely talented duo. Really looking forward to catching them live in Australia...hopefully one day!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Good comparisons by SB. You keep doing it TS, you keep introducing me to these great finds. Another gig too, you lucky guy. I love this stuff

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