Thursday 7 August 2014

The Soundcarriers

I'm a past master at finding any excuse to avoid buckling down to something I know I really should be doing, but this week, in a refreshing break from the norm, I've been hard at it, non-stop. The soundtrack to my endeavours has been provided by The Soundcarriers - I've been particularly hammering 2010's 'Celeste' and the brand new 'Entropicalia'. If you're partial to a little bit of psych, a dash of motorik and maybe a soupçon of folky jazziness, you should make it your business to check 'em out asap. I'll leave you with a sample from each of those cracking albums - I must get back to work.


C said...

A good soundtrack really helps when you have to buckle down to something, doesn't it? Even housework... Good luck with your endeavours!

Old Pa's Corner said...

I agree nothing like a bit of music to get the job done...I used to enjoy irioning 'casue I always had music on (weirdo)

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