Tuesday 16 December 2014

Sleaford Mods

There's no middle ground with Sleaford Mods, you'll either like 'em or loathe 'em. After seven years of toiling under the radar, suddenly they're visible, possibly due to the fact that they've finally released a record that isn't profanity-laden and so can be played on the radio. 'Tiswas' still hits hard, just minus the copious effing and jeffing that litters everything else they've done. It also contains the best couplet of 2014 - 'Cameron's hairdresser got an MBE, I said to my wife you'd better shoot me'.


Anonymous said...

Can't I just ignore them? OK - loathe.

The Swede said...

Haha! You're probably not alone Mr Bear!

Erik Bartlam said...

I'm in the love camp.

Hugh Marwood, his blog is on my read list, put some up a few months ago...floored.

C said...

Indeed, there should be no middle ground... but if there is one then I think I'm in it! (File me under 'Undecided'!). They 'should' work for me - but at the moment they don't. But that doesn't mean to say that they either wouldn't have done in the past or they may not do in the future. I'm one of life's vacillators... So I'll try again in a few months!

- In other news, I thought of you today when I heard that BBC Four are going to show a Julien Temple film on the Clash at the Roxy '77 gig, this New Year's Day (in case you hadn't seen about it already). Should be good!

The Swede said...

One for, one against and one undecided - well that one certainly split the voters! I feel a prog post coming on!
(PS. Thanks for the heads up C!)

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