Tuesday 23 February 2016


A small handful of 2015 albums found their way into my collection during the second half of December, too late for me to make an impartial judgement vis-a-vis their inclusion in my year end round-up. One of those albums was 'HiFi Classics' by Meatraffle, which, given a little more time to absorb it, would've made my 2015 top 20 without question. For starters, how can you fail to love a band who's line-up includes among its membership; Fats McCourt, Tingle Lungfish, Zsa Zsa Sapien and Cloudy Truffles? The genre descriptors that the band give their music are equally inventive, if not especially helpful; Trapdoor Jazz anyone? Speed Waltz? Or perhaps a little Erroneous Funk?

To give you at least some idea of what we're actually dealing with here, a few of the reference points that came to mind as I began to immerse myself in 'HiFi Classics' were; 'The Return of the Giant Slits', 'Bon Chic Bon Genre' by Campag Velocet, 'Pigeonhole' by New Fast Automatic Daffodils and 'Accept the Signal' by Regular Fries. Chuck that lot into a blender and you'll be heading in the vague direction of the uniquely wonky, cock-eyed view of pop that is Meatraffle's.

'Aurora' and 'The Horseshoe' are currently on particularly heavy rotation round these parts. If you like these, I urge you to check out 'HiFi Classics' in full here. It's a blinder.


Brian said...

That's really out there, Swede, in the best ways possible. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

You have brought something great into our lives again. Cheers! This lot are quite spiffing.

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