Friday, 20 May 2016

Pit Ponies

The bruised legitimacy of Euan Hartley's vocal delivery attracted me immediately - think Wild Billy Childish meets Wreckless Eric. The rest of the Pit Ponies aren't slouches either. The band, who formed in 2013, come straight out of Upminster and, from what I can gather, have so far rarely ventured outside of the M25 in a live capacity. They are playing at Liverpool's Sound City Festival next week though, so perhaps more nationwide shows are on the horizon. Their d├ębut LP, 'Magnificent Second Occupation', was released last Summer on the, always worth investigating, Trashmouth Records, though I only belatedly bumped into it in January. They're calling what Pit Ponies do 'Upminster Soul' - and why not? Check out the whole LP here.


Brian said...

Really like what I'm hearing. Off topic a bit, but did you know Wreckless Eric is married to Amy Rigby, lives in upstate New York and, most importantly, put out a rather enjoyable album last year? If not, now you're caught up.

The Swede said...

Thanks Brian. 'amERICa' is indeed a very fine album. Marc Riley on 6Music is also a big fan of Eric (& Amy), they've performed several live sessions for him over the years.

John Medd said...

Liking it. I'll tell The Number One Son to look out for them in Liverpool - he's helping to curate Sound City next week.

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