Monday 23 January 2017

Sacred Paws

I feel sure that it was one (or more) of my blogging chums who initially introduced me to Glasgow/London duo Sacred Paws and just lately, everytime I hear that brassy intro to 'Rest', I realise I'm well and truly hooked too - it's a poly-rhythmic post-punk joy . Their debut long player, 'Strike a Match', arrives on January 27th on Rock Action Records.


C said...

"Poly-rhythmic post-punk joy" - love that description! I liked 'Rest'in particular. Made me think a little of the Au Pairs too.

Rol said...

Not bad. I prefer Vince. Just because I can't think of another song called Vince. Also, I really like the plucked guitar in that. (Probably not the technical term.)

Rol said...

VinceNT, obviously, I know songs. Just not Vince.

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