Saturday 16 February 2013

Saturday Scratch #21/Version City #6

Quite often on Saturday Scratch, I attempt to shine a light on a lesser known gem or overlooked nugget from Lee Perry's back pages. Today's tune, however, is an unarguable, stone cold classic, from what is, in all probability, the strongest vocal album produced by Scratch. The album is 1977's 'Heart of the Congos' by The Congos and the track is the adapted and updated traditional song, 'Fisherman.'

I've chosen this particular piece as a way of introducing another musical favourite of mine, Micah Blue Smaldone. Micah started out playing in bands from America's hardcore punk scene in the 1990's, but by the time of his solo debut, 'Some Sweet Day', in 2004 he had become what can best be described as an old-timey acoustic folk-blues troubadour. Since then he has released two further studio albums, the magnificently titled 'Hither and Thither' and 2008's deep and dark 'The Red River', in addition to the 'Live in Belgium' EP in 2007. His extra curricular activities betray his increasingly neo-traditional folk leanings as evidenced in his ongoing collaboration with Fire on Fire and his mid-noughties work with Death Vessel.

I will delve further into Micah Blue Smaldone's oeuvre at a later date, of that you can be sure, but for the time being check out his inspired live reading of that Congos classic.


Anonymous said...

'Heart of The Congos' is definitely one of the greatest albums in any genre; one I'd have to rescue from a burning building. I don't know Mr. Smaldone but he does a nice job here.

Old Pa's Corner said...

As you rightly say 'a stone cold classic' I'm gomg to get that album out right now. Nice acoustic take too! for good measuret

flycasual said...

I have not heard either. Stunning. Will be listening to this in the coming days. Thanks Mr S.

The Swede said...

Thanks for listening guys. More Micah to come!

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