Sunday, 4 May 2014

Friends Reunited

I caught up with four old friends recently. We were absolutely inseparable back in the day, but unfortunately lost touch over 45 years ago. They haven't changed a bit.

          Chillin' with the guys back in '65                                           The gang today


Erik Bartlam said...

Ha. That's a rough crowd.

Last summer we all went to my daddy's house and I was able to dig out my old curious George and pass it on to the boy. He loves it but not like he loves his own sock monkey.

Given the abuse that monkey has taken in the last five years I wonder what kind of shape he'll be in 40 years from now.

Singing Bear said...

How long since you'd actually seen these pals? Did you know you still had them around? Very nice, mate. Cool tune.

C said...

Where had they been in the interim years? They're looking good.

I kept just one toy from my early childhood: my balding, noseless, dog-eared little yellow teddy, he's stuffed unceremoniously in a plastic bag and kept in the dark, dusty underworld that is Underthebed. Inspired by yours may have to pay tribute to him some time too!

The Swede said...

I found the guys in a box at the back of my parents attic when I cleared their house three years ago, but was too overwhelmed by other stuff to really take a good look at them at the time. Since then, they've remained untouched in the same box, but in my house. When I came across the old photo, it prompted me to finally go and dig them out for a bit of a reunion. I wish I could remember their names though. The only one I recall for sure is the big teddy, who was called, with startling unoriginality, 'Big Ted'.

Old Pa's Corner said...

After you met are you still inseparable...I used to have a Teddy, that I loved, it was old and torn...I have always loved the underdog/teddy......

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