Thursday, 16 February 2017

François & the Atlas Mountains

Though I may understand very few of their lyrics, I'm secure in the knowledge that François & the Atlas Mountains know their way around a good pop song. My introduction to the band was via the song 'Je Suis De L'Eau (Be Water)' in 2009 and it remains a firm favourite to this day. Before we revisit that one though, check out ' Grand Dérèglement', the latest single from their forthcoming new LP 'Solide Mirage', due for release on March 3rd. The folky little guitar riff is absolutely irresistible.


Frank Jive said...

Dang, Swede . . . I just hate having my horizons expanded . . . and two days in a row!

The Swede said...

I'm on a roll Frank!

Chris said...

You manage to surprise and introduce me to many new things. You’re right the guitar riff is good.
New French bands...hmm, Christine and the Queens were featured on Jools Holland last year and their choreographed performance was one for the ages. They give you a choice between French or English versions of the album.

charity chic said...

Check out Nevski on Bandcamp

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