Friday, 24 February 2017

On the Road Again

As you read these words I'm many miles from my desk and faithful laptop, on day one of a whistle-stop tour of London and the South East. My Aunt in Bethnal Green took a nasty tumble last week, breaking her right shoulder and fracturing her left hand. Understandably, she's feeling a little sorry for herself, so I'm going to pay her a surprise visit to see how her recuperation is coming along. She turns 90 this year, so these things take time - try telling her that though. While I'm down in the smoke I'll be staying with my other Aunt in East Ham, who's of a similar vintage. These two old ladies are the last remaining family members who have known me since birth.

From London, it's on to another, long pre-arranged, appointment with the great Alasdair Roberts, who is appearing at the Colchester Arts Centre on Sunday evening. Alasdair's new LP, 'Pangs', is released today, so with any luck I'll be able purchase my copy directly from the artist himself. Here's the video for the title track, which features an unexpected acting cameo by another firm favourite of this parish, Cambridge's own primitive guitar maestro, C. Joynes.


C said...

So sorry to hear about your Aunt's fall - that's really tough and all best wishes for a smooth recovery. Seeing you will no doubt be a huge tonic (just don't go hugging her too tightly!)

charity chic said...

Enjoy yor trip Swede and regards to the Aunties

Brian said...

I have said it before and I'll say it again... what a nice lad you are. Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Hope your aunt's health improves and enjoy Alasdair Roberts, should be a good show.


The Swede said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. My Aunt is frail - even frailer than I expected, but in good hands. And Alasdair? Magnificent as always.

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