Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Version City #2

It's a brave man who takes on a Jeff Buckley song - step forward Kenny Anderson a.k.a. King Creosote who recorded this re-working of 'Grace' for 2005's 'Dream Brother' tribute LP to Jeff and Tim. Jeff was, of course, no stranger to the cover version, making 'Hallelujah' and 'Lilac Wine' his own on record, while taking on tunes by the likes of Dylan, MC5, Hank Williams, Led Zep, The Smiths and many more, on stage.


C said...

Oh, this feels like a weird coincidence - only last night we were listening to JB's Grace (for absolutely no apparent reason) and were saying what an epic song it is. Must be such a very hard song to cover - he pulls it off.

Anonymous said...

That is really good. The accent and the accordion add a unusual quality to the song. Pretty haunting. Must check out more King Creosote. He's been in my 'in tray' for closer examination for some time.

The Swede said...

Hard to believe it's 15 years since Buckley died - where did that go? Glad you like the King Creosote version C.

SB, as one of his (many) albums modestly attests, 'KC Rules OK'. One of my heroes. I've got about 15 of his albums and I feel like I'm only scratching the surface. There's a lot more to him than 'Diamond Mine'.

Old Pa's Corner said...

I only discovered KC this year after hearing the single John Taylor's Month track of the year....especially as Aberdeen gets a mention and Grandpa sailed from there. The guy should be massive. This is a great track ...he does seem to be rather prolific.

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