Thursday, 19 September 2013

Version City #16 - Edwyn Collins sings David Bowie

I'm working my way through some boxes of old cover mount CD's at the moment, ripping a few tracks here and there as I go, while rediscovering a handful of forgotten treats. Here's one from a David Bowie tribute CD issued with Uncut in 2003. The compilation's a bit uneven as a whole to be honest, but Edwyn Collins' excellent reading of 'Gospel According to Tony Day' is worth the price of admission alone.


C said...

Dammit, as of now my speakers/soundcard? aren't working so I can't play this! (My 'new' computer is actually a refurbished one - very pleased with it in all other respects but now this!) So I can't comment on anything musical on any blogs now until I get it sorted.... However, I can comment on your header pic. Wonderfully intriguing! Do you know any background/ info about it?

The Swede said...

It's another of my collection of anonymous vintage photographs - no info at all I'm afraid. Like so many of these fascinating old shots, it raises questions that will probably never be answered.

Glad to hear that your new computer is up and running, I trust the transition wasn't too stressful? I hope the soundcard/speaker issue is resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

This is good and may top the original. I miss the oboe and bassoon (there is a bassoon in Bowie's version, isn't there?) but, then again, I love oboes and bassoons. Nice one, Edwyn. Who were those people, anyway>

Old Pa's Corner said...

I always loved the Uncut Cds they introduced me to many a fine act...I probably have this in a box somwhere, excellent cover 'tho

The Swede said...

SB. Can't beat an oboe and/or bassoon.

OP. So many cover mount CDs, each with just a couple of tracks that I actually want to keep, if that. This purge is going to buy me a few feet of shelf space!

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