Friday 27 January 2023

Friday Photo #34

One of the earliest photos I have of Mum & Dad, taken in 1953, two years before they were married

It was an unexpected delight to hear Robyn Hitchcock perform 'On the Street Where You Live' on a recent Live From Tubby's House streamed show and an even greater joy to discover a studio recording had dropped through my digital letterbox a few days later, via his Patreon account. It turns out that the song has held a special place in Robyn's heart since his childhood. Mine too.

My Dad was a noisy man, there's no getting around it. He sang, he whistled and he blew his nose, all at considerable volume. 'The Street Where You Live' was one of the songs I remember him bellowing out around the house when I was but a wee young lad. Actually, I very probably have a recording of him singing it (along with a couple of Gerry & the Pacemakers hits and this by Anthony Newley) on one of the surviving family reel-to-reel tapes. Unfortunately I've had nothing to play those tapes on for thirty years or more, but at least I know that his voice is over there in the cupboard, waiting for the day when I track down a reasonably priced reel-to-reel player, so that I can hear that noisy fella who gave me my love of music singing once again.

I'm not sure which version of 'On the Street Where You Live' was Dad's particular favourite, goodness knows there were plenty to choose from in the 1950s and 60s. I enjoy Bobby Darin's sprightly jaunt through the song and also Nat King Cole's more measured reading. This live performance from Perry Como is rather good too.


Ernie Goggins said...

It has to be Vic Damone, surely?

The Swede said...

As I was writing, Vic's was the version I fully intended to post, but then I went down a wormhole and ended up with Perry.

C said...
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C said...

What a lovely photo. Your Dad looks truly smitten! And as long as he didn't sing, whistle and blow his nose all at the same time, sounds like he was just noisy in a good way.

Alyson said...

What a lovely photo. We have been painted a picture of your dad in you blog and yes, noisy does come to mind.

A beautiful song that I've seen performed in a stage production too. As for Strawberry Fair, a song that is shoehorned in to conversation often in our household - love it, but we always sing 'fido fido fiddle iddle I do' instead!

Tinman said...

Very nice photo and remembrance. Thanks for sharing

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