Saturday 29 September 2012

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Anonymous said...

Some questions spring to mind:
1. Who on earth thought of using Scratch to sell Guinness?
2. Where was this ad ever shown?
3. Di it increase sales?
4. What music do the good folk at Guinness listen to?
5. Where can I get a nice cool Guinness right now?? Shame I've stopped drinking!

The Swede said...

The guy who pitched the idea to the Guinness board of directors must have had magnificently honed powers of persuasion to get it approved. God knows what they thought when they saw the footage!

Online dictionaries should dispense with definitions beneath the word 'surreal' and henceforth just post this clip by way of explanation.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Well I hope he made some good money out of it and a free supply of the black stuff!!

flycasual said...


C said...

I feel like I've just entered some topsy turvy parallel universe (many, many degrees out..) watching those. Wacky. But, next to red wine, Guinness is my drink of choice so it gets my seal of approval anyway!

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