Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Reg Presley R.I.P.

I've emerged, sweating and blinking, from my sick-bed this morning, to be confronted with the sad news of Reg Presley's death. In my current state of disrepair I'm struggling to string words together, so to mark his passing I'll leave a fine tune, some legendary studio banter (warning - rude!) and a suggestion that you check-out a short piece by David Hepworth that says much about lazy journalism in the Wikipedia age.


C said...

Yes, RIP Reg. Nice tribute, The Swede.
We love the Troggs Tapes in this house! I gather, from Mr SDS's experiences and my own occasional sitting-in on rehearsals and studio forays, that it pretty much sums up inter-band communications. Now where's that twelve string...?

C said...

PS - Hope you feel better too!

Anonymous said...

RIP, the great Reg. What a bloke. Aside from his music and the notorious 'tape', I also loved his accent and his obsession with crop circles. Roight on, sir.

Get well soon, Mr. Swede.

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