Thursday, 29 June 2017

Let Me Come Over

A little bird tells me that 'Let Me Come Over', the third LP by Buffalo Tom, was released 25 years ago. Ouch. The anniversaries keep on coming don't they? Back in 1992, you'd find me haring up and down the A12, A14 and A140 two or three times a week, catching live music in concert venues all over London and the South East. I'd drive home through the night, snatch a couple of hours shut-eye, work all day, then quite possibly do it all over again that evening. Life was good. It exhausts me just thinking about it.

I've mentioned in previous posts the series of car-tapes I made during those years to keep me entertained and awake on many a long lonely drive home. Buffalo Tom were big favourites of mine in the early to mid-1990s and the thundering 'Velvet Roof' from 'Let Me Come Over' was one of the tunes that appeared on car-tape after car-tape. 'Taillights Fade' is probably the better known song from the album, but this is the one that does it for me.

A 25th anniversary edition of 'Let Me Come Over' was issued recently via Beggars Arkive (here). It's on my shopping list.

Buffalo Tom - Velvet Roof


TheRobster said...

You probably know that 'Let Me Come Over' is one of my all-time favourite albums and Velvet Roof one of my all-time fave songs. I bought the anniversary vinyl to celebrate, but like you cannot believe I first bought it 25 years ago! It still sound fresh and exciting to these ears. I jump around to Staples and Velvet Roof to this day!

Poetry24 said...

This is new to me. I like being introduced to new. Even better when it's new and very good. Am now tracking down more Buffalo Tom. Thanks!

C said...

Yes, the anniversaries do keep coming!
I bought the first Buffalo Tom album at the time but for some reason didn't go any further. Must re-evaluate!
Even just the mere thought of you doing all that driving to gigs tires me out...particularly the idea of the return journey late at night after the event. At least you did it then though!

Swiss Adam said...

I loved Tail Lights Fade and this is a good one too.

25 year anniversaries are kind of getting on my tits now. Can't believe its all that long ago.

Brian said...

A big favorite at the record store I worked at... 25 years ago! Wow!

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