Friday, 3 May 2019

Such a Wonder of Modern Technology

Henry Badowski is a multi- instrumentalist, who released just one album and a handful of singles under his own name, before slipping out of view in 1981. Up to that point he'd played drums, bass or keyboards with a number of punk-related bands such as The Good Missionaries, Chelsea and (the briefly re-named Damned) The Doomed. 

39 years later, I can still recall my initial reaction when I first heard 'My Face'. I became momentarily convinced that Syd Barrett had made a miraculous recovery and had started making records again. Even now, I can appreciate why my youthful imagination made that brief, optimistic leap. 

'My Face' is a great lost single if ever there was one and is probably the song that has featured on more of my own mixtapes/minidiscs/CDRs over the years than any other in my collection.

Henry Badowski - My Face


Swiss Adam said...

That's rather wonderful Swede. Thank you.

C said...

Indeed, very Syd (and Soft Boys)-ish and very charming too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of this. A great nugget that I don't think I've heard since its release although I do have a copy of Baby Sign Here With Me, which I think is even better and which still gets the odd spin.


Post-Punk Monk said...

f Syd has synthesizers… this would have resulted! I have the US [!] 7" single of this on I.R.S. and it's a charmer!

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