Monday, 1 November 2021

Monday Long Song

I've sure I've mentioned my brief minimal music phase in the past and even offered up a couple of samples of the stuff I was listening to, particularly while driving, in the late 2000s/early 2010s, but this is perhaps one of the more extreme examples of the form. Notionally a Spring Heel Jack remix of a tune by post-rockers The Sian Alice Group, it's actually a pulsating drone made up of little more than a barely evolving locked groove crescendo. It won't be to everyone's taste (perhaps not to anyone's taste!), but believe it or not I'd often have this on repeat for the whole 80 mile round trip I'd regularly make to visit Mum when she was poorly. It certainly helped to clear the clutter in my brain at the time.

As we join proceedings, the wheels are already well in motion and the whole thing concludes just as jarringly 16½ minutes later, as if the tape simply ran out. Somewhere out there, this tune is still going.

The Sian Alice Group - Untitled (Spring Heel Jack Remix)  


C said...

Very brave of them! I love the theme but I rather predictably wanted it to break into something else and didn't make it for anywhere near its entire duration (I cheated and skipped forward...) But I could imagine how it work for you as your driving accompaniment described. Maybe one to sing along to - just make up your own melody and lyrics over the top - it could be the source of great creativity!

Swiss Adam said...

I like that and can easily see how it could become a meditative driving tune.

John Medd said...

You listened to this for 80 minutes straight? E-I-G-H-T-Y minutes?! *Doffs hat*

The Swede said...

I listened to it twice through while prepping the post!

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