Friday, 19 November 2021

Friday Photo #17

On the very day that the rules of international travel to and from the USA changed last week, my cousin flew in for a brief four day visit with her Mum, the first time they've been together for a couple of years. I was able to make it down to London for two of those days and I can confirm that it was a joy for all concerned.

On Monday my cousin and I took the tube into town for lunch and a wander around Soho, where we dropped into both the Bowie and Stones pop-up shops as well as Morgan Howell's current outlet on Beak Street. If you don't know Morgan's incredible SuperSizeArt work take a look here (and if you happen to have a wad of money burning a hole in your pocket, one of the T.Rex pieces would look very nice on my wall).

I know that part of town fairly well, but as we came out of the much altered Tottenham Court Road tube station I was unsure exactly where our chosen exit would lead and for a moment couldn't quite get my bearings. Then I looked up.

Wilco - Capitol City


Charity Chic said...

Glad your family reunion finally happened

Swiss Adam said...

As CC said. And great photo too.

The Swede said...

Thanks guys!

C said...

Brilliant, so good to hear you had your reunion. Fab photo of Centrepoint. Loved looking at Morgan Howell's work on the website too - some quite obscure ones there.

John Medd said...

Morgan is one of the nicest fellas in rock and roll, don't you think? A *fine* artist, indeed.

Brian said...

Love that art. Reminds me a little bit like what we have seen from our own John Medd... just much larger. Happy to hear your cousin made it. A reunion we had all been rooting to see come to fruition.

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