Sunday, 27 May 2012


Here's a mighty fine tune from Colorama's 2010 album 'Box'. Full-length album number three (there's also a mini-album or two knocking about) is due any day now - indeed it may already be available in Japan, as much of their previous work has debuted out there before gaining a domestic release. Carwyn Ellis fronts the band in tandem with his role as musical director for Edwyn Collins.

'Etiquette' is beautiful, timeless and a perfect soundtrack to this balmy evening.

Colorama - Etiquette by colorama


flycasual said...

New to me and really good, a nice psychadelic feel to it. I'm on it! Carwyn Ellis is almost an anagram of Edwyn Collins but not quite.

C said...

I thought the same as flycasual!
And I sat here and did a double check on the anagram as well because it looked so similar... you can get it to 'Erwyn Callis' which, if you say it quickly enough, sounds like a very heavily Scottishly-accented version of 'Edwyn Collins' anyway... quite appropriate.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Fabulous track and like flyc I am on the case....thanks for this one?

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