Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Richard Swift

This time last night I was flicking through some Damien Jurado songs thinking I might post one, but couldn't make a decision, so I put the idea on the back-burner.

Imagine my spooked-outness this morning when I found that sfw over at Tune Doctor had the same idea - and what a fine choice he made!

Here's a tune from Damien Jurado's current producer Richard Swift. When asked to describe his music I usually say a 21st Century Harry Nilsson, but in addition to being a terrific singer/songwriter, multi- instrumentalist and producer, he's also a  film-maker and photographer - oh yes, and he's currently a member of The Shins.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely never heard of him, sorry. Having listened, I realise this has been a mistake. Thanks.

sfw said...

This is good stuff - i'll be checking more of him out! Thanks again!

The Swede said...

He's a man of many side-projects, all of which I can't vouch for, but his actual proper albums are excellent. He's also known to put the occasional new song up for free download - I caught four or five last year. Keep 'em peeled!

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