Saturday, 5 May 2012

Grant McLennan

Tomorrow marks the sixth anniversary of the sudden passing of Grant McLennan at just 48 years of age. He was the writer of 'Cattle and Cane', the song that got me into The Go-Betweens back in 1983.

While band were on hiatus during the 1990s, McLennan released four consistently strong solo albums, all of which I'd recommend unreservedly.

Here's 'Lighting Fires' from the second of those solo albums, 1993's 'Fireboy', which, bizarrely, was also included on the American version of the following year's 'Horsebreaker Star'.


Anonymous said...

Saw them live in '85 and have been a fan ever since. So sad about Grant passing away so young but he left some utterly brilliant songs.

The Swede said...

Was supposed to see Forster/McLennan (not sure if they were trading as Go-Betweens again at that point) at The Jazz Cafe in London, but couldn't make it on the day. Never did catch them live. A big regret.

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