Monday, 3 September 2012

Daniel Rossen

I have a friend who, if she's been kept waiting longer than expected for something, is prone to exaggeratedly describe it as having taken 'all of time' to arrive. Such is the case with the new Grizzly Bear LP, 'Shields'. It really does feel like all of time since the first of a series of tracks was drip-fed on-line, along with the album title and track-listing, back in early June. Now, at last, we're into the final two weeks before release and I've been reacquainting myself with their back catalogue in preparation.

I've been particularly enjoying the 5 track EP, 'Silent Hour / Golden Mile', put out, in a 'solo' capacity, by main Bear Daniel Rossen in March this year. I initially wrote it off as a slight and underwhelming piece of work, but I was way off the mark -  repeated plays have proved it to be a criminally overlooked gem.

Here's 'Return to Form' from the EP. 'Shields' is (finally) released in the UK on September 17th.


C said...

I don't know them, or him, at all but I do quite like the dark edge of this one. It reminds me of someone, the nearest I can think of is a male Kristin Hersh..?!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Afer first listen not sure what to think....but the fact I want to hear it again is always encouraging to me!

Anonymous said...

My word! Grizzly Bear is just a name to me - I know nothing about them - but this is special. Does their stuff sound like this? I'll be doing some homework as soon as I can. Oddly (?), this reminded me of The Move but I'm not sure why. Is that weird?

The Swede said...

Kristin Hersh, The Move, neither of those had struck me before, but I see exactly what you mean. If you only check out one Grizzly Bear tune, I'd recommend 'Two Weeks' purely because you might recognise it - they played it on Jools Holland in 2009. Also of interest if you were ever into The Doobie Brothers is an alternative version of 'While You Wait For the Others' featuring Michael McDonald on lead vocals - an interesting collaboration!

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