Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Scratch #17

This week, I've been groovin' to the latest instalment in Pressure Sounds' series of Lee Perry dubplate selections. 'The Sound Doctor' has bounced around the release schedule for a while, but finally hit the streets on Monday. If you're familiar with the 'Sound System Scratch' and 'The Return of Sound System Scratch' LPs, you'll know what to expect here - dubs, vocals, instrumentals, alternative versions and devilishly rare tunes aplenty. That's my weekend sorted then!

Here's a sample of the delights on offer, Lee & Jimmy's 'Key Card'. There's also a brilliant dub of this on the album, called 'Domino Game' which, as the title suggests, features a recording of the musicians arguing over a game of dominoes as the tune plays in the background - genius!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet tune!
Hey, Scratch! That's a mean pair of flares you have on there! Haha!

The Swede said...

He's a cool dude for sure!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Thanks for the tip I will be searching out this. You bet I will!

flycasual said...

Boom! I'm all over this, I need a bit of Dub in my life!

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