Wednesday, 10 July 2013


American comedian Steven Wright is the man responsible for my all-time favourite paraprosdokian, 'I went into a general store, but they wouldn't let me buy anything specific'. Genius. He's also the voice behind this sublime moment from Reservoir Dogs.

Wright's use of the word 'behemoth' came to my mind yesterday evening, when I happened to catch the last few minutes of Steve Lamacq's BBC 6Music radio programme, where, as his final selection of the show, Lamacq played 'Hocus Pocus' by deathrowradio, a mighty behemoth of a tune if there ever was one.

Chris Tate and Paul Christian Patterson have been making music together as d_rradio for several years, creating experimental sounds of a slightly more ambient persuasion, plus a very nice folk-tinged EP in collaboration with Lianne Hall. Now, having amended their working name to deathrowradio, they've traded their laptops for guitars on their new album 'Yummy', a bracing sonic assault of subtly shifting psych-inspired riffage.

Get a load of this glorious racket and then check out the whole darned thing here.


Anonymous said...

Blimey! Heavy duty and rather fine. Have bookmarked them for future reference. You've also expanded my vocabulary with this post, so double thanks.

The Swede said...

It originally read '...all-time favourite droll one-liner..' until I discovered that word while reading a piece on Steven Wright. I couldn't resist using it - when would I ever get another opportunity?

Glad you dug the tune Mr Bear, I somehow thought you might.

John Medd said...

Interesting you should quote Steven Wright; Steve Wright would have called Hocus Pocus 'a sonic cathedral of sound'.

The Swede said...

For a period in the 1990's, I wrote the record reviews for a local paper and would occasionally fall back on the old chestnut 'sonic cathedral of sound' myself. Cheesier still though, was a piece I did on a David Holmes release, described by yours truly as 'cinematic soundscapes for the new millenium'. I hung up my quill pretty soon after that one.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Sort of interesting, DeathRow Radio I like the name

The Swede said...

Easier to pronounce than d_rradio anyway!

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