Tuesday 30 July 2013

Los Porcos

A new song, 'C.F.W.', was quietly uploaded to Los Porcos's Soundcloud page a few days ago, the third since Famy's Bruce Yates replaced departed vocalist Ellery Roberts and the band's name was amended from Wu Lyf. Fine though it is, for me, the pick of their three available tunes is 'Jesus Luvs U Baby'. Insistent and subtly funky.


C said...

I plead total ignorance here... never heard of them! But so dreamy and lazily summery, I like.

Anonymous said...

All new to me but sounds good. Been away and internet has been down as well, so will be catching up with older posts asap.

The Swede said...

C. It's rare for me to play one song to the exclusion of all others, but a bit of that went on when I first heard this. One of those songs that needn't end after 5 minutes, I wouldn't be bored after 20.

SB. Good to hear from you Mr Bear. I hope you and the family had a splendid holiday.

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