Friday, 2 August 2013

Parquet Courts

We've had a long hot day out and about in celebration of Mrs S's birthday. I doubt we drifted more than 20 miles from home, but would surely have been hopelessly lost in the unfamiliar lanes and villages were it not for the trusty ol' satnav. With it's help we found a little country pub and had a rather scrummy lunch as crazy thunder storms raged on the horizons around us - somehow we missed them all.

We're both feeling the pace of such a sweltering, sticky day now, but need to keep ourselves alert in the run-up to wine o'clock! So to help us stay upright, here's a stonking live version of 'Stoned and Starving' by Brooklyn band Parquet Courts, from their recent LP 'Light Up Gold'.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Mrs.S! Enjoy! Nice tune, by the way. Why are they playing in a bike shop? As for Sat Navs...why not get lost once in a while?

The Swede said...

Thanks Mr B. I'm all for getting lost for a while...until it comes to lunch-time!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Belated wishes to Mrs was Old Ma's seventieth last Tusday and we had Shellhunter over...there were many wine o'clocks, beer o' on a diet now...good vid!

C said...

My apologies - belated wishes to Mrs S too! Dodging thunderstorms for scrummy lunches then wine'o'clocking in the evening - what better way to spend a birthday? (Or any day for that matter...)

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