Saturday, 24 August 2013

Saturday Scratch #29 - Buddy Raphael

Yesterday was another of those heavy, sultry, humid days, resulting, late in the evening, in a Hammer Horror style mist on the marsh. Difficult to capture on film, but a wonder to behold.

This morning - rain! Lashing down and hopefully clearing the air a little. To celebrate, here's Buddy Raphael's 'The Rain Come' from 1975, recorded at the Black Ark, with Tesfa McDonald sitting in Scratch's producer's chair, and released on McDonald's own Tesfa label.

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Old Pa's Corner said...

Super pic, is that a TS original?, nice track too, would love some rain out here, I see from the forcast we may get some storms next week, bring it on stormbringer

The Swede said...

Yes, that was my forlorn attempt to capture the uncapturable - at least on my little camera. Watching the mist roll around the marsh as if it were alive is quite something.

Keep the brolly handy Old Pa.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Sorry guys just got to share...just lisened to the first side of Vol 10 outside with my Nexus and Blue Ray speakers...I admit I had a couple before...but it bloo! me is brilliant...these folks at CBS must have had a ball, Self P vol 1 could have and should have been a classic. There is enough material for several classic was a beautiful hour...can't wait to listen to the rest...sorry guys but i had to tell someone...O'Bill

The Swede said...

Sounds like bliss Old Pa. I'm saving up for mine!

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