Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Should It Stay or Should It Go?

There's been some discussion of late, among the folks who gather at the old watering hole, concerning how we buy, store and even listen to music in 2013. We each have our own problems, solutions and suggestions in this regard, but the common thread that binds us is that we are all in it for the long haul. By whatever means necessary, we'll be grooving to our favourites and digging the new, until we drop.

My primary issue is one of space. I've no doubt that if I had the funds and enough square footage, I would have a music collection of John Peel proportions. In the real world, however, we have a front room that I have to occasionally remind myself actually is a room, so crammed is it with boxes of books, CD's, records and sundry other stuff accumulated along life's highway. It needs addressing, both to reclaim the room and to be able to unbox and enjoy the stuff we do have. To that end, I've purchased a 4tb external hard-drive and begun wading through CD's, ripping as I go. It's a bittersweet experience I can tell you, as nearly every one of them is a memory of some kind. My aim is to get the physical collection down to a manageable level while backing-up and dispatching what's not essential, though, as we all know, what might appear non-essential today may well be life-affirming tomorrow.

In my dreams....minus the carpet

On the subject of life-affirming, I had long ago discounted a purchase of the forthcoming Clash box-set on the grounds that a) it isn't as comprehensive as it could be, b) I have all the music on it (sometimes in multiple copies), c) the expense and d) the dimensions! It would take up a ton of potential shelf-space that I'm trying to free-up. I was pleased with my resolve and proud of my self-restraint. Then, a few days ago, the following footage appeared online.

Familiar stuff to the average Clash fan, but in drastically better quality than has previously been available. As I watched this glorious performance, two of the four songs played by the band on the US TV show 'Fridays' in April 1980, my resolve melted, my self-restraint ebbed away and I slipped, tripped and fell in love all over again. I ordered the box-set. Something slightly less life-affirming will have to go to make way for it.

Happy Birthday Joe


John Medd said...

Stay. In answer to your question.

C said...

I wish I knew the answer to the general and much recognised problem of disparity between space and the things which fill it that you so eloquently describe.

All I do know is that the answer is NOT.....

...a skip!

The Swede said...

John. Can I quote you on that to Mrs S? If I had my way they would all stay, but unfortunately some have got to go.

C. I'm horrified by the amount of perfectly usable items that I see disposed of in skips and at the dump, which could easily be donated, sold or offered elsewhere. I'm tremendously irritated by waste - don't get me started! Fear not, there'll be no skippage going on round here!

Anonymous said...

The great dilemma of our generation, sir. I, too, will have to take similar action soon and feel your solution (apart from winning the lottery and moving house) is the only answer.

I can well understand your actions regarding the Clash box - some things are just too hard to resist.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Good for you Mr S why not treat yourself.
As regarding Hard drives may I suggest you get maybe several 500GB or several 1T drives as if one goes, I would not like you to go thru the heart break of loosing stuff. You can get an amazing amount on a 500Gb drive....back up and back up twice 3 times even and keep one copy at a different location even...a 4t drive is just too much stuff.

Old Pa's Corner said...

Fabulous Vid by the way...the great the magnificient the stupendous Jo Strummer

flycasual said...

I feel your pain...I too wanted a room with all my hard earned CD's and music memorabilia displayed for myself and everyone to see (who ever actually comes round and gives a shit). I briefly got my dream and got a whole wall of IKEA shelves but moved out of my den soon after the arrival of my son. To make room I got rid of the majority of my CD collection (keeping my marquee ones) and did exactly what you did, glass in hand and rip them onto HD all via Music Magpie for a measly return, that was painful. My dusty book size HD is all I have to show for my collection now and constantly live in fear that it will one day not work (it's already happened). The things is I stopped listening to CD's and started listening to more and more MP3's. I now stream music as it's probably far more convenient and accessible even though I'm aware that it lacks so much substance. I'm now determined to maybe buy my favourite albums of this year on CD, from my local record store which I rarely frequent.

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