Saturday, 10 August 2013

This is Radio Clash

While not wishing to become a permanent advert for the BBC, another short programme aired yesterday evening on Radio 4 that deserves wider recognition. Front Row dedicated it's entire ½ hour to The Clash, including a new interview with Mick, Paul and Topper, reunited to promote the forthcoming box set. In addition, fiery excerpts from a vintage Joe Strummer interview were also broadcast and, if you ask me, were worth the 30 minutes of your time alone.


Old Pa's Corner said...

Saw there was a new box set, will have to check it out, don't suppose there wull be much we have not heard before,
But anything by the Clash is more than welcome. I have never really checked out U.K. radio but I am sure I can get it here....long live the Clash!

Old Pa's Corner said...

Radio Clash

C said...

Amazing - the Clash on Radio 4!! Must check this out online - thank you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how The Clash would have felt about the future release of a mammoth (and expensive) box set back in '77? No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Can't blame folks for wanting it, mind you, as the music was great.

The Swede said...

Old Pa. You should be able to check out the programme via the BBC iPlayer easily enough. As for the box set itself, I'm still undecided. It features just two 'unreleased' tracks, both of which have circulated among collectors for donkeys years. It's also not quite as comprehensive as it purports to be, missing a few previously released tracks from the running order. Nice looking package though!

C. You're welcome - you'll love it!

SB. You said it! If it actually was the definitive document and I could, if I so chose, get rid of every other Clash record and CD in my collection that would be one thing, but the list of missing bits and pieces from the track-listing is disappointing and longer than I'd like. These kinds of career retrospectives can surely only benefit with fan input.

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